What is Humix, and how does it work?

What is Humix?

In a blog last week, I mentioned that there were a few things I was trying in an attempt to mitigate away from the awful ad rates that we are currently seeing. One such strategy I outlined I was going to be working on was taking advantage of Ezoic’s latest tool, Humix.

Humix in its purest form is a new video sharing Network for Ezoic’s publishers. Anyone on Ezoic can upload their videos into this ecosystem and using intuitive features you can have your videos shared to other publishers sites OR supplement your own content with engaging videos.

I will go into this in more detail further through the blog, but first, I wanted to referrence WHY I am going to be focusing on video content.

Humix is Ezoic’s latest tool-creating a video network for their publishers!

OkWhy am I focusing on video?

To be blunt, I think Humix has the potential to be the next big thing in online vidoe monetisation. When we look at Digital ad spend in the US we can see that the relationship between ad spend, and where people are spending their time is still warped in favour of TV. Advertisers are often slow to respond to market trends, but they want to spend their money where people are spending their time.

35% increase in ad spend on video
Tv watched has been decreasing steadily since 2019 (save for the beginning of covid in 2020) https://www.statista.com/statistics/186833/average-television-use-per-person-in-the-us-since-2002/

Whilst advertisers may be catering to TV to capture an older audience, its clear to see that more and more young people are switching to online video. Below we can see that trend-but to put in perspective, all Youtube users spend 19 minutes on Youtube on a daily basis, but Youtube users under 18 spend a staggering 56 minutes consuming Youtube vides. This does not take into consideration other video media companies such as TikTok/Instagram. The appetite is there-people are engaging with video!

Global trends are showing that young people are spending more and more time consuming digital media. source

So why Humix, why not Youtube?

One of the things that I know frustrates me, and others, is the restrictive barriers to entry that exist when trying to monetize with Youtube. In order to start monetizing on Google’s platform, you need to make $100 on youtube from views to get paid and on top of that, you need 1000 subscribers to get revenue, but google still shows ads, and just keeps the change. Right now, I do not have that following, so I am locked out of that ecosystem.

On top of that, In trying to build a blog with stable traffic, I want to keep everything in one place. If people are searching for videos of my content, why would I want them going to a 3rd party platform (which I’ve been somewhat forced to use) that I am not going see any revenue from? No thank you, Id rather them come directly to my site!

This is where I see Humix can offers me a massive advantage. Unlike with Youtube, there are no restrictive barriers to entry and from day one people will come to my site, for my video content.

First impressions as to what Humix can do!

Humix, from my first impressions appears to be a feature-rich, all-in-one solution for hosting, sharing, and embedding videos to my site. Humix also gives me domain access to a network of publishers sharing videos in a way I haven’t seen before.

First and foremost, Humix is a video player that exists on my page. As a video player it has all the customisations I’d come to expect from Ezoic. I can choose the colours, the size, the location on my page etc.

Lots of customization available for Humix!

It’s also super easy to add the video player to the page. I’m fairly familiar with their chrome extension, so it was great to see I could add locations to my page that way! All I did was attach my location to the top of the page, and this will ensure that videos are showing! No more janky JS video players on my site!

Easy to place the video using the Chrome Extension

Other Humix Features

There are two other amazing features built into this tool.

The Grow feature allows videos I’ve created and uploaded to Humix to be shared automatically to the Ezoic network. These videos can then be displayed on sites where the content is relevant. Hitting this button equals more revenue, and more traffic!

The Engage button allows relevant, videos to show on my page. Whilst not all videos are amazing-the ad revenue alone they generate is better than showing display ads!

Turning on Grow shares my videos to the network, and enabling Engage allows relevant content to show on my site!

What else?

Dedicated video landing pages: the fact that for each video a dedicated landing page is created to me seems like a huge SEO win to me. Not only can people find my site via traditional Google Search, but they are also finding my page via Google video search, thanks to pages like this one that are automatically created for me. This is great, as these video pages are ranking and sending visitors to my site!

Does Humix Earn me Revenue?

YES! I upload my videos and they are monetizing straight away. I earn revenue from both my own videos that are displayed on my site, from the videos that I share to the Network, and from videos that are displayed on my site! It’s 3 new ways of earning revenue, all with the push of a button.

What videos am I showing on Humix?

I am currently using another of Ezoic’ss new tools called Flickify-this is turning my articles INTO videos which I can then share to the network.

I will be writing an article on that next, so if you are interested in how that works, please check back soon!

Overall, I’ve seen my revenue increase, and my traffic increase too since turning this tool on. It’s still early days, but so far I’m impressed

This article is a work in progress-so do check back in to see how my experience with Humix goes!

By Paul Round

Paul owns totaldigitalpublishing.com. He has worked with 1000s of sites, from all sorts of different niches and walks of life, and is now wanting to share the knowledge he has accrued. Despite working as a website consultant, one day he would love to pursue web properties as a full-time gig!

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