About me!

Paul runs totaldigitalpublishing.com as a side project to talk about the digital publishing industry

Hi, my name is Paul. I have been working in the online digital publishing sphere on and off nearly all my adult life. During my career, I’ve worked at a small local newspaper during their transition from print to digital. I’ve bulk written blogs to get a blogger platform up and running. I am now currently working at company that is set on helping on the project to bring digital publishing to the masses. Exciting times ahead!

I have seen sites of all shapes and sizes, across all niches, and have developed a deep understanding of the online world.

I have over 5 years of experience in the online digital publishing space, and I want to share my knowledge, expertise and occasional thoughts on the state of the industry, to keep you all up to date on the changes that we have, and will continue to see.

The opinions I share here are my own, but are grounded in my day-to-day world! If you have any thoughts or feedback on any of the articles you see and read on my page, please do get in touch with me via the comment form, and I’d be happy to talk you through my logic!