What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is the next phase of the internet, and it’s set to change a lot about how we use the web. Here are 5 ways that web 3.0 could change things:

1. A More Autonomous Web:

In web 3.0, machines will be able to communicate with each other more autonomously, without human input. This could change how we use the internet, making it more efficient and streamlined. Whilst AI certainly isn’t able to fully replicate humans just yet, they are getting better and smarter everyday!

2. More Personalized Experiences:

With web 3.0, websites will be able to gather more data about their users, in order to provide them with more personalized experiences. This could include things like customized homepages and suggested content. We are already seeing companies like Ezoic use AI to personalise each user session.

3. A More Decentralized Web:

In web 3.0, the internet will be more decentralized, meaning there will be no one central authority controlling it. This could lead to a more democratic and egalitarian internet, where power is distributed more evenly among users. It’s hard to see Google letting go that easily, but in an evolving ecosystem, who can really stop them?

4. More Immersive Experiences:

With new technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality becoming more widespread, web 3.0 will enable websites to provide more immersive experiences for their users. This could include things like 360 degree videos or virtual reality tours of businesses or cities. Whilst not there yet, I’m sure in the next 10 years I will have a virtual meeting in some sort of AI environment!

5. A Safer Web:

With new security measures in place, web 3.0 will make the internet a safer place for users. This could include things like better authentication methods and encryption technologies. We are already seeing a move towards this with the rise of blockchain technology.

So, there you have it! These are just some of the ways that web 3.0 could change the internet as we know it. Exciting times ahead! If however, you are interested in taking a look back, check out this article about web 1.0-2.0.

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