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What will this website be, and how will it help with all things Digital Publishing?

Firstly, if you are reading this, then welcome to our new blog! Our main aim through starting Total Digital Publishing (TDP) is to help cut through all the noise that exists online.

We get it, it seems that every week there is a new initiative that you need to follow, a different top tip to SEO success or as we’ve seen last year, a new regulatory requirement that can alter your business model. Trying to stay on top of all this is problematic, time consuming, and takes you away from what you do best, producing great content!

Help is at hand!

In order to best serve the digital publishing community we have set up this blog to help keep you all up to speed on upcoming changes to our ecosystem. We aim to cover all changes to the digital publishing landscape, to turn this blog into a one stop shop.

So what next?

Sit back, relax and let us get to work. We do have a comment section, so if there is a particular question you have/industry trend you’d like advice on or feel we are missing a key piece of information you’d like to know more about, just get in touch with us and we can get something prepared for you!


By Paul Round

Paul owns He has worked with 1000s of sites, from all sorts of different niches and walks of life, and is now wanting to share the knowledge he has accrued. Despite working as a website consultant, one day he would love to pursue web properties as a full-time gig!

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